The Thank You Campaign

To mark 100 years since the end of the First World War, The Royal British Legion is leading a national movement to say ‘Thank You’ to the entire generation who lived through the war – “All who served, sacrificed and changed our world.”

The war left legacies that positively impact our lives today, from ground-breaking social change and timeless works of art to pioneering innovations. The Legion is thanking the whole First World War generation. That’s not just the British Armed Forces, but those who fought alongside them from today’s Commonwealth, it’s also the countless men, women and children who played their part on the home front.

Everyone has a reason to say ‘Thank You’ as we all have a connection to the First World War and this is an ideal time to find out more about our heritage.

There’s no limit to the ways you can say ‘Thank You’, whether it’s a simple tweet or a full-blown event dedicated to those who made a difference in your community. Get inspired on our website:

If you are not sure how to get involved, you could leave a tribute to one of the 1.1 million British and Commonwealth troops who died at

9 to 16 year olds can enter our creative competition and say ‘Thank You’ through a poem, song or work of art. There are also activity packs to help children engage with Thank You over the summer holidays:

Posters, postcards & an ideas booklet are available to download.

The Thank You mood film helps people to better understand about Thank You and there is also a short film about ways to say Thank You. (Please note: which local council offices, sports clubs etc may be willing to show on their large screens over the next couple of months).

There are stories related to sportsman from WW1 available via

We have also attached the Thank You logo (right) and the Thank You – PR Toolkit (Click Here)  which can be used by anyone who is involved with a Thank You activity which they are looking to publicise

Thank you for your interest in getting involved with the Thank You movement and for helping to pass on the message as you engage with your local communities. We would love to know about any Thank You activities that you are planning or you know about in your local communities either via our Thank You Facebook group or by emailing