Hampshire/Berkshire D-Day 75 Event

22nd June 2019 @ 07:30 – 09:15
Southwick park to Greenham Commmon
Richard Skilton

• To date we have 34 confirmed WW2 military trucks with another 16 joining along the way travelling to Greenham Common in the convoy.
• I have 25 confirmed RBL Riders taking part in the convoy
• Vehicles/Bikes can arrive at the carparks outside MOD Southwick from 08:00 on Saturday 22nd June – Myself and a couple of others will be onsite to direct traffic as it arrives. I am going to suggest meeting at Monster Micks beforehand to grab a bite/drink and ride down together.
• JEEP are one of the sponsors of this event so there will be a couple of brand new jeeps in the convoy behind the escort bikes.
• There is a General Eisenhower lookalike taking part in this event and will be travelling from Southwick to Greenham in the convoy. The guest of honour is a lady called Marion Loveland who was a WREN at Collingwood on D-Day……………she was the Communications number between the Fleet and HQ, she also lost her fiance on Sword Beach that day.
• Before the convoy 12 of the trucks and 6 of the bikes will be chosen to go up to Southwick House for photos. Vehicles will be chosen on the day so I need your details and your bike details beforehand to pass onto the organiser just in case you and your bike need to go up to the house.
• There will be a short service lead by the Riders Bish……..Paul Miles Knight
• Due to the amount of vehicles involved the convoy is going to be split into two sticks with a delay of 5 to 10 mins between the two departing.
• We have permission from Hampshire Police and Thames Valley Police to block roundabouts and junctions to get the convoy through with as little disruption as possible. All Riders will wear Hi-viz on the ride.
• There will be an Auster Aircraft flying over the convoy taking pictures/filming on the day (subject to weather)
• Timings are subject to change but at the moment they are as follows:-

Southwick Park Arrive from 0800
Depart 1000 to 1030
Lasham Airfield Arrive 1145
Depart 1215
Milestones Museum Arrive 1300
Depart 1330
Sandford Springs Arrive 1430
Depart 1500
Greenham Common Arrive 1545

• The only addition to the timings is that Greenham is not the last stop and we will be going onto Newbury College afterwards for refreshments.
• The stop at Greenham will entail a drop in by the Poppy Parachute Team to symbolise the return of the troops who called Greenham their home (Subject to weather)
• Please fly flags on the day if you have them……….preferably the Union Flag and/or the Stars and Stripes (48 Star version)
• Even though I insist on Hi-Viz on the ride you are more than welcome to wear your Riders Cut at any or all of the stops.

Copy and paste the following and you ‘should’ see a copy of the route as it is right now: https://goo.gl/maps/U1amnmtjda42

My aim of the day is to get the convoy to Greenham Common together and to keep every Rider safe.