Who are we?

We are an Official Branch of the Royal British Legion; the Royal British Legion Riders are all motorcycle enthusiasts. We can be found participating in Military Events, Motorcycling Shows and supporting the communities in which we live work and play.

The Royal British Legion Riders Branch was formed to support the aims and charitable efforts of The Royal British Legion and all members are encouraged to play an active role within the branch at Local and National level, with the emphasis on being pro-active in getting together with other branch members in their geographical area.

We aim to raise awareness of The Royal British Legion, and to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal.

When the Riders were formed, it was decided that as most of our recruiting and promotional work would be in the field that we needed an identifying symbol as a focus point for our members and as a point of contact for any would be members. The Legion was approached with the idea to add ‘Riders Branch’ to the official Lions head Blazer Badge worn by all other Legion Members. This idea was accepted and the first Badge was presented in 2005 to the Chairman of The Riders.

Our Badge

Whilst a good point of contact we do not make the wearing of the badge mandatory, it is optional. We do stipulate however, that if the Badge is worn that it is not worn next to anything offensive or that may bring the name of TRBL into disrepute. We ask that if worn it should be displayed either on your right or left chest. You may have seen many of us wearing our military badges and medals to celebrate our own service as proud ex/and still serving members of our Armed Forces. This too is optional and is your choice. The wearing of leather waistcoats is a typical biker form of attire and the choice of riding vests for many of us, leather protects us from a spill. If your choice of clothing is cordura or one-piece race suits then that is your choice.

Our bikes, of which we have every possible make and cc, may be adorned with large poppies, links to our website, artwork from the badge. It is all an individual statement and not Branch Policy.